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Prepare for Joint Replacement Surgery With Prescribe FIT

If you’re preparing for joint replacement surgery soon, your doctors have probably given you a major resolution to help the surgery go well: Drop as much weight as you can and get as healthy as you can.

Every additional pound you carry will be multiplying the pressure on your new joint. Because you want this surgery to be successful, and you want to be pain-free, our team at Performance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is recommending a new tool to help patients get ready for surgery: Prescribe FIT.

Here’s how it works.

What is Prescribe FIT?

Developed specifically for orthopedic patients, Prescribe FIT is a virtual lifestyle health program designed to help you decrease weight, increase mobility, and better prepare for and recover from surgery.

The idea is to extend orthopedic care beyond the office with small, at-home changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle. We want you to improve your health at home, which will address the root cause of many of your joint, knee, hip, ankle, and back issues.

This is especially important if you’re preparing for joint replacement surgery. You want to be in the best physical shape possible so you can recover as quickly as possible.

How does the process work?

If Dr. David Dickerson or Nurse Practitioner Shawn Denning determines you’re a good candidate for Prescribe FIT, you’ll be matched with a dedicated Care Coach from the company who will help you put together a plan to implement small, sustainable lifestyle changes over time.

You’ll receive a Bluetooth scale and you’ll download an app that pairs with the scale to add your body weight readings every day. You’ll have weekly calls with your coach, who will take the time to understand your specific challenges and goals, then offer advice and coaching specific to your situation.

We don’t do fad diets, gimmicky workout routines, or major restrictions. Your coach will help you learn self-management and give you the tools to overcome the obstacles that inevitably appear.

As you progress through the program, your coach at Prescribe FIT will work hand-in-hand with our office. That way, we always know how much progress you’re making so you can be prepared for surgery if necessary.

If you need to lose weight, gain mobility, and feel better overall to prepare for an upcoming joint replacement surgery, our expert team wants to help you. Just call our Toms River or Shrewsbury, New Jersey, location, or use our online scheduler to pick your own appointment anytime.

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